The terrace of Tech Gate Vienna's Tech Lounge in the light of the sunset

A distant view and plenty of room for enterprise

Bright outlook for business, expanding horizons, holding out new prospects, thinking beyond the box, far-sighted ventures – all notions that we find ourselves using daily, because they express freedom and new opportunities. Free yourself from cramped, dark offices with narrow windows and a narrow outlook on the world. Tech Gate will expand your horizons, and in the process it will ensure the operating efficiency and freedom that the spirit of enterprise needs.

You are more than just tenants – we create a network for you.

The companies at Tech Gate Vienna are eager to work together, because it is not only the location that they share. Jointly organized events and a variety of marketing activities contribute to spotlighting our tenants’ innovative products and services.

With our regular Talk Gate series of get-togethers, we create a platform where social and entrepreneurial issues are raised, which provides a good basis for discussion with your new partners.

Also, the yearly Christmas party, to which all of our tenants and their colleagues are invited, is both the closing highlight of every business year and an incentive to move on to new achievements in the new year.