Menschen im Aufzug

In business, speed is often of the essence. For that reason, short distances can mean money. But also, the sense of well-being that the people who work for a company have in the place where they work largely depends on the necessary infrastructure’s being convenient and on their being able to find their way around with ease. At Tech Gate Vienna, not only do you have your office and all the necessary, additional event and meeting spaces within steps of each other, you also have the convenience of an in-house lunchroom, which offers wholesome meals at reasonable prices. The spacious underground parking garage, in addition to providing excellent road access, ensures that you always get to your meetings on time.

Also, in the immediate vicinity of Tech Gate Vienna you have all the necessary amenities to make your working day go more smoothly: retail shops, restaurants, coffee shops, fitness studios, trade fair and convention center, commercial services, flower shops – all close by and easily accessible.