Panoramaansicht mit Tech Gate Vienna und Reichsbrücke

Tech Gate Vienna is your partner for business success.

Professionally too it is important to have a suitable partner. After all, it is not just a matter of leasing a few hundred square feet of office space. You want to feel comfortable, and not only because you have a modern office with an urban flair and plenty of recreational opportunities available.

Our tenants represent a very broad range of sectors. But they all have one thing in common: they are all innovative enterprises oriented toward the future, enterprises with broad horizons and a belief in open communication – tenants who set great store by good partnership.

Anonymous office towers where tenants remain strangers are a bore. For that reason, some of the events we organize are meant to bring enterprises together; and the enterprises at Tech Gate Vienna are often eager to get involved in project collaboration. At Tech Gate Vienna, certain sectors are more heavily represented than others. Many of our tenants are in technology-related fields, for example. There are also research institutions, digital pioneers and start-ups.

But no matter what the sector, everyone interested in getting things moving professionally and in growing is more than welcome at Tech Gate Vienna.